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Project Runway 13x08 - The Rainway

Sean Kelly #designersean

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So tony is in fact aware that Ste owns half the restaurant?

…remember that time he fired him? And the Ste had to audition for his old job, only to share it with Cameron. 

The Hollyoaks writers have zero constancy. 

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The Empire ↘

Chapter Five

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Aw, John Paul! 

I’m only like 6 episodes behind, s this shit must have escalated real quickly.

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there were always three people in our relationship.
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Tyler Hoechlin is ridiculously good looking, it’s distracting.

He is distractingly good looking. 

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Okay, I’m just gonna straight up say it, I’ve not been very pleased with Hollyoaks this year. For the majority of the year, I’ve had little to no love to show to this programme. Most episodes these days leave me feeling cold, not jumping with excitement to watch the next one. I actually feel genuinely upset that within the space of a few months one of my favourite TV shows is not what it used to be. However, I won’t stop watching Hollyoaks, because I do hold out hope that one day it will improve and return to the show we all loved.

The major problem is that Hollyoaks has completely lost its heart and most of the blame is to go on Bryan Kirkwood and the show’s writers. It’s upsetting that the man who once produced the show in its Golden Age has now made it barely resemble even the show that it was last year. Back in 2007, the majority of storylines were character driven, such as Hannah’s anorexia or McDean, and they didn’t relying on shocking moments to keep the viewers hooked. Hollyoaks in 2013 was one of the best years I’ve seen in ages – it was exciting, dramatic and it got me very emotional on occasions. But the use of stunts and OMG plot twists gets old after a while. It’s very clear that the likes of Bryan Kirkwood and the Hollyoaks writing staff don’t pay one ounce of attention to what the long time fans are saying, because no matter how much we say we dislike some of the plots, they continue to write shit like stunts, OMG twists / “shocks”, gangster crap and they continue to give the abysmal Freddie Roscoe way too much screen time. All this is evidence of how much they don’t listen to their fans. They’re clearly writing the show that they want to see and not the show that the fans should want to see.

I personally feel that anyone who started watching Hollyoaks in the past year is probably enjoying it, and those are the people they are now gearing their show towards. But by doing this Kirkwood is completely isolating those fans that fell in love with the show when he was first producer.

Also the show is getting very frustrating by making so many people act out of character, the major culprits of this are Carmel McQueen, Nancy Osbourne and the majority of the guests at Maxine and Patrick’s wedding. Carmel McQueen was always one of my favourite characters on Hollyoaks, and when Calvin died you could see that it affected her character for nearly the entire year afterwards. She really felt his loss. But this year, she got over Jim’s death far too quick. This is another example of bad writing, as instead of having a realistic aftermath where Carmel mourned for her dead fiancée, they decided to rush her into a relationship with Sonny (who was played far better by Devon Anderson). Also, Nancy has always been a very snooty character – there’s no denying that – but she always had great morals. So to make her throw away everything she worked for to get her family back, to have an affair with Rick (a character she had barely had 2 seconds of screen time with) was one of the most frustrating moments this year, and more proof why “OMG Twists” are not that great.

Then we come to the aftermath of Maxine’s reveal. I must applaud whoever wrote the wedding episode because it was one of the best episodes of the entire year, but the aftermath was definitely the worst. It was disgusting to see that nobody believed a woman who was covered in bruises when she said her partner was beating her. Seriously, who just sits and stares. Realistically, several people would have gotten up and confronted Patrick about it, possibly even beating him. But the most shocking part was the fact Dirk did nothing. Why was he surprised? This was ANOTHER sign of bad writing, since only 2 years ago Dirk told Dodger that Patrick used to abuse Anna and that’s why she left him. So many people just acted out of character in that episode purely to suit the story line, and that was so terrible to watch.

Now we come on to the Roscoe’s. Out of the two families that were introduced last year, the Roscoe’s are definitely the least successful, which is why it is so baffling that they continue to dominate our screens. It has to be said that both Robbie and Ziggy are great characters, and Jason is slowly growing on me, but they don’t get much to do on the show. Joe is just pure dull, as was Sandy. It’s also a shame that Sandy was never used well, there was so much potential for some great story lines, especially since it was revealed that she was Darren’s birth mother, but it ended up going nowhere. She ended up spending the rest of her on the show shouting stuff like “My boys” this and “My boys” that. Then we come to Freddie. Freddie is one of the worst characters ever introduced onto this show, and he’s played by an equally awful actor. The reveal that he was Fraser’s killer was a complete let down, and it is clear that there are no intentions of him ever getting his comeuppance. It’s so strange that the writer’s don’t see how much of a universally disliked character he is, but they keep giving him so many storylines.

That’s not to say I don’t like stuff this year. There is a lot that I really like but the stuff that I dislike just completely overshadows the likeable stuff. I like plots like –

  1. The male rape plot (I genuinely thought it was good)
  2. Patrick / Maxine plot up to the Wedding
  3. Blessing’s plot
  4. Tony and Sinead affair
  5. Jason’s body dysmorphia (a subject that is barely address in men)
  6. Cindy’s bipolar disorder
  7. Sienna stuff (including her friendship with Leela)
  8. And anytime our screens are blessed with George and Esther.

Last year worked so well because technically it had to be an exciting year. The Best Soap win at the BSA’s was purely based on how amazing last year was. It had to incorporate exciting plots as exits for seven of its major characters (Mitzeee, Brendan, Cheryl, Myra, Jacqui, Paul and Will). It had to weed out characters that became deadwood (Callum, Ash, Rob, Annaliese, Barney, Doug and Leanne). It had the job of re-introducing two major characters (John Paul and Clare) and it also had to give exciting storylines to introduce two new families (Roscoes and Lomax’s). On top of that they had integrate original character Tony back into the show and give plots to characters like Maxine, Patrick and Sienna who had all been introduced at the end of 2012. It also was the 18th anniversary of the show, so it NEEDED to be exciting. That’s why this year is so different. There’s been no real shake up to the show so for the first time in well over a year and half they only have a fixed set of characters to work with. Apart from Blessing, Cameron and Nico, there are no new characters on this show, so they can only work with what they have.

When you compare this year to last year, one thing that really stands out is the terrible aftermaths and exits for characters. Clare’s death aside, every character that left the show last year got an exit they deserved but this year most exits have been utter crap. Jim’s death was the beginning my decline in enjoyment. It was awful the way his character was just thrown to the side. Fraser’s death was lacklustre and Sam and Danny’s death were just appalling. Two characters that were really becoming the heart that the show was missing were killed off just so we could have another terrible stunt. Shame on you Kirkwood. It’s also clear that some of the previous stars of the show are no longer impressed – Emmett Scanlan (Brendan) and Carly Norris (Martha Kane) have both expressed how they weren’t happy with how the show was being handled anymore.

In conclusion, I hope this letter is seen by someone, ANYONE who worked at Lime Pictures or at Hollyoaks and relays it to Bryan Kirkwood. He needs to read this. The long time fan of this once great soap needs to be heard. One of my biggest fears is that when Bryan Kirkwood eventually leaves the soap, whoever takes over from him will just follow in his lead because they will assume that that is what we want to see.

A Sad Hollyoaks Fan.

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Well we all know that sandy is going to take the blame for Freddie because Gillian is leaving.

Holy shit, I didn’t even think of that. But this obviously what going to happen knowing HO. And i was looking forward to not having to see Freddie’s face anymore.  

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So behind on Hollyoaks

only just watching 4th of July episode. This is going to take me so long to catch up on. 

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