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when someone changes their url


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Hollyoaks doesn’t need trigger warnings.


If you don’t like what you see, shut the TV off. It’s that simple. 

Every TV show 100% needs trigger warnings when they are going to air sensitive material they would not normally show. To the people that suffer from things such as self harm or an eating disorder it has nothing to do with “not liking what they see”. It’a about having the choice to avoid the trigger scene if the wish to.  

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Does anyone know which episode it is when Ste mentions moving to Brighton?

Need it for the next chapter of Pretty Blue Eyes.

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Amy once asked me how many miles I’d have to go before I’d be okay with myself.  I thought I’d have to go around the whole world.  I don’t think that anymore.  I’m okay here.

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Say NO to marine parks!

Say NO to zoos Say NO to circuses YOU have the power to make a difference by boycotting!

We now understand, without question that large marine mammals do NOT belong in small Aquariums or private ‘shows’.

Please - lets end this, lets be the better animal : we are the ones with the power to set the others free.

Zoos are very important for conservation and protection of species, along with allowing vital studies to be carried out.
Zoos are important, don’t hate zoos, hate seaworld.

Yeah about Seaworld?

They actually make you sign a contract when you start to work for them saying you’re not allowed to talk about how the animals are treated until you quit.
This needs to be against the law.

Watch Blackfish, it’s a great documentary thatsheds a lot of light on the horrible treatment these animals suffer through. And to the comment about the zoos, most zoos AREN’T about conservation. They’re just as bad as Marineland, Seaworld, etc. They’re just as cruel. So, if you want to visit a zoo, do your research first.

Blackfish and The Cove are very important films that people should watch.

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There’s something incredibly special about him.

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Really miss them. ;(   Stendan. 


Really miss them. ;(   Stendan. 

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so I have a question. what was the actual scientific reasoning behind what halperin and weston did to simon’s back?

I’m guessing it’s either because nerves extend down from the brain through the spinal cord to rest of the body or because neurotriptoline is injected into the spine. 

I think the real question is how exactly neurotriptoline works? Because the undead don’t have a heart beat so how does the drug travel around the body or get to the brain?

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In the Flesh (+alternate colouring)

This is really good.


In the Flesh (+alternate colouring)

This is really good.

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Oh my god, the tongue, How have I never noticed that before? I love you Gale Harold.

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